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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing - Jakarta’s Old Town to Host 2017 Asean Literary Festival

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing - Jakarta’s Old Town to Host 2017 Asean Literary Festival

Jakarta. Jakarta's Old Town, or Kota Tua, is set to host the 2017 Asean Literary Festival on August 3-6. The festival will be attended by writers, scholars and artists from over 20 countries.


This year is the fourth anniversary of the festival and coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Association of South East Asian Nation, or Asean.


One of the founders and the program director of the festival, Okky Madasari, said ALF will carry the theme of "Beyond Imagination" this year, with a goal to make culture and literature a central part of life in Asean member countries.


"We are one big community," Okky said on Sunday (11/06), adding that the festival also focuses on introducing the achievements of Asean writers to global audience.


"This is an important role for ALF. Only literature and culture can create a true bond between us. Relying only on economic and political partnerships will leave 'Asean community' as a mere slogan, an empty rhetoric," she said.


This year, the ALF is fully supported by the Indonesian Education and Culture Ministry, Tourism Ministry and Foreign Ministry.


As it does every year, ALF has a series of warm-up events in store, among them "Sastra Masuk Kampung" (Literature Goes to Kampung), a residency program to introduce literature to local communities. This year they will also have a national jamboree of literature.


Discussions — arguably the highlight of the festival — will be centered on the topics of freedom of expression amid increasing radicalism and the constant threat of terrorism, and the central role social media plays in everyday life.


The festival will also feature art performances, culinary workshops and a book fair.


The Tourism Ministry’s marketing development deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti, praised the festival, saying it would be an interesting event for Kota Tua and a marquee event for Indonesia's literary community.


"ALF has shown literature adds many different colors to people's perception of Indonesia," Esthy said last Friday.


"Literature encourages people to exchange ideas and thoughts," she added.


Tourism Minister Arief Yahya had announced Kota Tua as one of ten priority tourist destinations in Indonesia along with Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Tanjung Kelayang in Belitung, Tanjung Lesung in Banten, Borobudur Temple in Central Java, the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East Java, Mandalika in Lombok, Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara, Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi and Morotai in North Maluku.

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Singapore Travel Guide by Bacall Associates

I’ve been to Singapore twice (in 2013 & 2016), and spent a total of 7 days in the city — it’s one of my favorite places in Asia!   In this blog post, I am going to give you an overview of the city, and provide travel tips and recommendations for things like culture, attractions, food, nightlife and more. Everything you read is based off my own experiences.




Singapore is a bustling hub of culture, food, and all around good vibes.  It’s the most modern city in Asia.  It’s vibrant, it’s energetic, and it always leaves me fascinated.


If you think New York City is busy, just wait until you see Singapore.  People are always in a hurry and they walk really fast (they are actually ranked the fastest walkers on earth).  It seemed like everything was happening in fast motion, which always kept me on my toes!


You might be surprised to hear that Singapore is a tiny tropical island, made up of 6 million people (75% Chinese).  It’s located just 80 miles north of the equator — so the temperature is always hot and humid.  It’s tropical location provides 17 nature reserves and more than 1.4 million trees!


The thing that stands out most about Singapore is the extreme cleanliness.


Seriously — the streets are cleaner than my washing machine.


Why is everything so clean in Singapore?


Well, Singapore has some of the strictest laws in the world.  There are street signs all around the city reminding everyone not to litter, smoke, chew gum, run, spit, etc.  If you don’t follow the rules, then you must pay a steep fine.  But nearly everyone obeys the rules, which is why Singapore is also of the safest cities in the world.


Everything from the metros, malls, restaurants and residential buildings are so clean that you can eat off the floor!


Another thing that really impressed me about Singapore was the easiness to get around.


Despite being a densely populated city, the metro system is VERY easy to figure out and there are taxis all around that are pretty cheap to use.


After being in Singapore for just a few hours, I was already confident enough to navigate myself around town.  All the signs are in English (and most people can speak/understand English), so it’s almost impossible to get lost.


Alright, there is a downside…. Singapore is expensive.  Really expensive to travel.


In fact, the city just took #1 as the Most expensive city in the world by the Los Angeles Times.  Aside from street food, which is reasonably priced, you wouldn’t believe how a beer or alcoholic beverage costs… And if you want to rent a flat, then good luck finding a cheap price!

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Gold Wing Audio Comfort Chrome Exhaust Tips With GL Logo at Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

Chrome-plated, die-cast aluminum and steel construction. Easy installation.

Description. This Hondaline Accessory is made with chrome-plated, die-cast aluminum and steel construction. It is easy installation on your Honda Gold Wing Audio Comfort.

Contact Us about this product of Al Lamb's Dallas Honda.




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The Legendary Sales Seminar by Meir Ezra

It is not the best product that brings financial success for a company. It is the company’s ability to sell that product that brings the results.


You may have heard of ABC = Always Be Closing. Well truth is, ABC, to be really effective, stands for Always Be Caring.


Caring is the basic building block of any sale. Some people don’t fully understand this, and you may be one of those people. But make no mistake, this misunderstanding is the reason you’ve failed to close every single time - C = Caring.


The ABC Sales Seminar will show you how to help people help themselves with your product and by that, get you to a point where you can close any person on any idea.


Your ability to sell is your most powerful commodity. This seminar will teach you how to sell in any area of your life.


And this seminar will teach you the exact sales process.


However, while knowing the exact sales process is important, it alone will not actually get you to become successful in sales!




When one has a problem, the source of that problem is always before the problem’s manifestation.


The above law applies to sales in the following way: if you have a problem with a close for example, you can be assured the source of the problem is not the close, but BEFORE… somewhere earlier in the sales process.


The usual issue is that salespeople, even when they know what the sales process is, do not know when a step has been completed or if they should stay on it longer… and so they skip steps or stay too long on a step and so fail to close!

 After this seminar you will have an unshakable certainty that you can close anyone on anything – you will not merely understand the sales process, you will KNOW the sales process and so will be able to demonstrate full control over the sales process and the person sitting in front of you.


In this powerful seminar you will learn:


• What is the actual technology of how to evaluate human behavior and by that be able to predict and CONTROL people’s actions and reactions.


• What is actually going on in the prospect’s mind at any moment - and so you will be able to control the buying process.


• How to pull – since sales do not happen by pushing, but by pulling.


• What you need to build is not sales arguments, but buying arguments.


• Sales are easy and rewarding once you know how.


• Who is your worst competition.


• What are the biggest barriers to buying.


• The ONLY two reasons why people will buy from you.


• Why it’s not just about the close.


• How this technology works in any part of life – from getting that pretty girl to finally go on that date with you, to making your prospect sign on the dotted line.


• And much more…


This seminar will make you the best salesperson around – guaranteed.



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Love & Mistakes by Meir Ezra

A big mistake people are making is that they think they learn from experience… you don’t!

People that divorce will keep having bad relationship.

People that fail in business keep failing in business.

People don’t learn from mistakes. And, it applies to parents too!


Parents do not learn from their mistakes or their parents’ mistakes, and so parents do not improve as parents.

I know it is shocking BUT it is true.

Now what we do know is that parents love their children.

When you love someone you want to do for them what you consider is good.


And that is the MISTAKE.

What you consider is good for you is NOT what ACTUALLY is good for your child.



You don’t know – no one gave you any play book on how to raise kids.

And that’s why the GP Parent Academy exists – we supply the play book for raising children…


Want to learn more?

Contact Aneissa: aneissa@guaranteedprosperityint.com


Much Love,


Meir Ezra

Founder, GP Parent Academy


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2016 Honda FourTrax Rancher ES - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

2016 Honda FourTrax Rancher ES - Al Lamb



The FourTrax Rancher is one of the most versatile ATV’s on the market. The Honda Rancher’s durability, toughness, and dependability are all incredible aspects of this ATV, but the characteristic that sets the Rancher apart from the rest is the ability to choose from a huge range of Rancher options, in order to find one that exactly fits your wants and needs. Depending on whether you need an ATV for your ranch, trail riding, hunting/fishing, farm or job site, the Rancher has options that allow you to comfortably and effectively complete almost any job.


The Rancher allows you to take a basic model, and add all of the necessary features to fit your needs exactly. Whether that is an independent rear suspension, two or four-wheel drive, Honda’s special electric power steering, or an automatic dual clutch transmission, the Rancher was built to support them all, and with an array of colors to choose from. With all of these options plus more, your fitted Rancher should feel like a tailored suit when its completed.


The Rancher ES model comes with everything the base model Rancher comes with, while adding an Honda’s electric shift system, in order to make shifting smoother and easier.






Engine - 420cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected OHV wet-sump longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke

Bore And Stroke - 86.5mm x 71.5mm

Compression Ratio - 9.9:1

Induction - Keihin 34mm throttle-body fuel-injection system

Ignition - Electric with optional auxiliary recoil




Transmission - Five-speed with reverse




Front Brake - 190mm Dual hydraulic disc

Rear Brake - 160mm Sealed mechanical drum

Front Tire - 24 x 8-12

Rear Tire - 24 x 10-11




Wheelbase - 49.9 inches

Seat Height - 33.7 inches

Curb Weight - 575 pounds (includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride)




Available Colors - Red, Olive

Model Id - TRX420TE1F




FourTrax Rancher ES Accessories


Windscreen - 74-0SR02-TRX-100 - $127.46

OUTDOOR STORAGE COVER - 74-08P34-HP5-200 - $54.36

12v FRONT ACCESSORY SOCKET - 74-08U70-HR3-A20 - $25.46

A-Arm Guards (front) - 74-08P71-HR3-A20 - $110.46

Skid Plate - 74-08P74-HR3-A20 - $212.46

Side Pocket Net - 74-08L72-HR4-A20 - $10.16

Plow Mount Kit - 206-08L75-HR3-A20 - $169.96

Winch - 74-08L71-HL5-A02 - $229.46

Plow Blade - 74-08L76-HR3-A21 - $220.96

REAR SOFT RACK BAG - 74-0SL56-HR3-100B - $152.96

FRONT SOFT RACK BAG - 74-0SL56-HR3-100A - $110.46

PLOW PUSH TUBE - 74-08L77-HR3-A21 - $195.46

WINCH MOUNT - 74-08L74-HR3-A20 - $169.96

ACCESSORY SUB HARNESS - 74-08Z01-HR3-A20 - $9.01

ACCESSORY SUB HARNESS - 74-08Z00-HR3-A20 - $5.06

RECOIL STARTER - 74-08U70-HR3-A60 - $98.56

HEATED GRIPS - 74-08T71-HR3-A20 - $131.71

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Richard Isaacs MD - Kaiser Permanente

Richard Isaacs MD - Kaiser Permanente

Company wants employees to serve as role models in community


Carman stopped exercising after leaving the military in 1991, and the pounds began piling on. But after his father died at age 54, and at the urging of his daughter, a nursing student, Carman decided in 2012 to start making a change.


He credits Kaiser’s Live Well, Be Well program for his improved fitness. Carman dropped 40 pounds since starting the program and trimmed 6 inches from his waist. And in September, he was able to stop taking the blood pressure medication he’d been on for 10 years.


Carman ran in the December marathon as part of a four-member relay team with his daughter and friends. His goal is to run half the marathon this year, and the entire course in 2015. He’s also working on losing another 20 pounds.


The constant encouragement Carman receives through Kaiser has helped him overcome his biggest obstacle: sticking with his exercise program consistently. “I’m just very grateful for everything my employer does,” Carman said.


While many employers encourage a healthy workforce, Kaiser, which employs 66,000 in its Northern California region, including 12,000 in the Sacramento area, has an additional motivation as a health-care provider.


“We want all of our staff and physicians to be role models for our community,” said Dr. Richard Isaacs, physician-in-chief of Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center.


Kaiser’s program offers more than 250 wellness options that focus on six categories: physical activity, healthy eating, emotional health, prevention, healthy workplace and healthy community.


Issacs, a head and neck surgeon, said the program has caused a cultural transformation at the company, reducing absenteeism and making employees happier and more engaged.


“I’m watching our employees actually transform their lives,” Isaacs said. “They look different. They just exude health.”


Employees encourage colleagues to get involved, take lunch-time walks or train for competitions. There are free exercise classes, with yoga, Zumba and boot camp among the popular options.


Employees can track their health improvements online and enroll in a wellness university, where they earn credits and even graduate.


To encourage healthy eating, there are on-site farmers markets and employee gardens at Kaiser’s South Sacramento Medical Center, as well as at offices in Davis and Rancho Cordova. There, workers grow vegetables and chefs demonstrate healthy cooking techniques.


The program’s emotional health component encourages employees to pursue creative outlets. Toward that end, the South Sacramento Medical Center held its third annual art show March 28, where physicians and employees displayed paintings, photographs, sculptures, quilts, beadwork and floral arrangements.